Our Products

A Neu Way To Buy Appliances.

At Neu Appliances, we work to offer a wide variety of affordable appliances, both new and Used to fit every budget. Our mission is to provide our customers with an affordable alternative to purchasing appliances from the expensive big box stores, along with a safer, more streamlined buying and selling process than is often times offered through a classified.

Take a look below to see what types of products you’ll find in our inventory.

Consigned Appliances

Many people have appliances they want to sell, but feel their only option is to turn to the public market—leaving both buyers and sellers concerned about either party’s intentions and the legitimacy of the appliance. Through appliance consignment, we take care of the hassle for you.

Minor Scratch & Dent Discounted Appliances

Because appliances can be big, heavy and difficult to transport, some new appliances might acquire various scratches or dents throughout the delivery process. Unfortunately, this makes a new appliance no longer look as new as it once was, even though it works just the same. We sell these appliances for a major discount off of the MSRP, which gives our customers a great product at a discounted price. Scratch & Dent Appliances Come with the full manufacturer warranty.

Display & Floor Model Appliances

New appliance stores often times display their models, leading customers to touch them, fiddle with the knobs, open and close doors, and more. These are all factors that may lead customers to feel the appliance is of lesser value than other appliances straight out of the box. Though these appliances are just like new, we offer them at a discounted rate after they’re done serving their purpose at other stores.

Store Returned Appliances

Sometimes people find that the new appliance they ordered isn’t exactly the one they need, so they return it. Though returned appliances are most often unused, removing it from its box lowers its value. Many of these appliances are in great shape, and we sell them at a substantially discounted price.

Refurbished Appliances

We also stock a wide variety of refurbished appliances by working with trained professionals to complete minor repairs. These appliances follow the same steps as our consigned appliances to ensure they are up to par with our standards.

Please Note: Scratch / Dent Appliances are the only category we can guarantee a manufacturer warranty. Any residual manufacturer warranty is solely through their guidelines and stipulations and is not guaranteed by Neu Appliances in any way.  Neu Appliances offers our own 30-day parts and labor warranty, to give you the peace of mind to know we’re dedicated to fixing your appliance within this timeframe. And in the case of an issue, we’ll even bring you a loaner appliance to use while yours is being fixed.